Using Meditation and Rest to Boost Creative Output with Karan Bajaj

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This episode tackles a discipline that on the surface seems inconsequential, but it actually has a hand in the quality of all the other skills we go on to learn. This discipline is the act of disengaging from work, of pausing the pursuit. Just like muscles need rest in order to grow, all periods of work also require some sort of recovery for it all to take shape.

Our guest is Karan Bajaj, a successful novelist and marketing professional. His third novel The Yoga of Max’s Discontent will be released on May 3rd, and in this episode he describes the meditation and sabbatical routine that has helped him boost the quality of his work, while also leveling up his quality of life.

We learn about the major benefits of meditation and sabbaticals, as well as tips on how to start our own meditation practice.

Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith

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