Win by Living On Your Own Terms

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Aaron Dowd, better known as The Podcast Dude, has grown up with an attitude of “I do what I want,” and I’m willing to bet there are many more of us out there. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though, but Aaron has figured out how to succeed while still living on his own terms.

In this episode we hear his story of how he found his passions, got lost for a while, then had a few revelations that have paid off big time. He is a great example of how to pay the price of success, because as we all know by now, there’s ALWAYS a price to be paid.

1:15 – How Aaron got the nickname The Podcast Dude
2:00 – Aaron’s specific outlook on life and his “I Do What I Want” mentality
3:00 – His background and unique family upbringing
4:00 – Story of how Aaron convinced Sean McCabe into co-hosting the Seanwes podcast
5:00 – What contributed to Aaron leaving his co-hosting duties at Seanwes
7:30 – What he found out through books that completely changed how he approaches his craft
10:15 – Aaron loses his belief in “magic” when it comes to business
12:20 – The realization that forced him to adopt his current daily discipline
15:40 – What gets in the way of his discipline, and how he fights that
16:38 – How Aaron went from 260 pounds to 170 pounds, and how he gained a chunk of it back
17:40 – The one key ingredient in his current discipline

Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith

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