Creativity is far too common

Over the past few days I think I’ve watched this video of Seth Godin maybe 5-6 times.  I already know the content top to bottom, but I keep watching it because I feel I need to ingrain his thesis into the deepest cells of my brain.  “What you do is not be creative, what you do is ship.”

WHAT YOU DO IS NOT BE CREATIVE, WHAT YOU DO IS SHIP.  Worth repeating because this is what plagues our generation of creatives and entrepreneurs.  We don’t realize that creativity is abundant.  We can all come up with ideas for products, a whole bunch of them.  But doing the work and getting it shipped out to consumers is what puts food on the table.

Acting on our creativity wakes up our fears. And this fear is what provides the resistance that holds 90% of people back from accomplishing anything worthwhile.

The other 10% of individuals which actually get the work shipped out despite fear don’t have a secret weapon, they just know that the resistance is only temporary. Ship today and you’ve survived to give something else a shot.

But if all you do is “come up” with ideas that will never see the light of day then you’re neglecting your duty.  Your duty to outlast the resistance, your duty to ship, your duty to be a true creator.

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