Project Book is a podcast about BOOKS, BUSINESS, and MUSIC. I’m Alex Cespedes, I go out into the world to interview experts in the fields of media, tech, entrepreneurship, and the arts to bring back the best advice on HOW TO LEAVE YOUR MARK within these industries.

My whole philosophy is that we give ourselves better odds of winning when we approach our career, and life in general, as a series of projects. It’s all a project, whether you want to write a book, start a business, or build the next killer app, these are all projects that can be broken down into — even smaller– projects.

Tune in to the podcast every Monday and Wednesday as I collect stories that teach us how to fail better, beat Resistance, and reap the benefits that come from completing a dream project. If you want to stay updated on new episodes and posts make sure to Subscribe here.

About Alex Cespedes



My professional career has been mostly concentrated in the fields of Marketing & Communications. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really ambitious, I go ahead and speak to groups about many of the ideas mentioned above. If you like what I create, make sure to subscribe on this page or in the “Mailing List” square on the right.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to reach out to me over Twitter @AlexCpds or email me at alex@alexcespedes.com

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