Keep In Mind

When doubts creep in, remember:

  • Daily actions –> Habits –> Self-discipline –> Success
  • Someone will be the voice of your population. Why not you? If I don’t do it, someone else will. So why should I doubt if it is even possible?  I’ll kick myself in the ass a couple years from now when this person has accomplished this and I realize that I had a head start, that I could’ve been in this person’s shoes.
  • “It is much easier to steer a ship that’s already moving.”  Be real easy on yourself in the beginning, just focus on checking off each day, even if it means just 15min of work.  Remember when you tried to do pushups in 2002? Remember your “self-validation” technique, of judging a victory only by whether you were able to come back the next time? Start small until you build momentum. It will take time, it always takes time. What’s the rush?
  • I’m motivated by movement and action, by being out there. Don’t let distractions keep you sheltered inside being a voyeur for other people’s fun and success.
  • Leave the mindset of “putting minimum work needed, minimum suffering.” Your objective here isn’t to suffer the least, it’s to have fun striving for something worthy, and that involves some suffering. Over-invest. “A piece of art never sells for as much as it cost the artist to make it.”
  • “If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.” -Maslow
  • Make it different. Go that way, you might stumble, but you might stumble upon a new solution.
  • “The adventure doesn’t begin until something goes wrong.”
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates “10 years.”
  • Nicky Jam: focusing and optimizing.
  • No Other Way Out also equates to less distractions, synthesizing happiness, having no choice but to make this work.
  • Nowhere on your birth certificate does it say you were guaranteed a good or easy life.
  • Procrastination: The conceit of the Beautiful Loser is that he/she carries with them as a form of self-advertisement their own untapped and unexploited potential. (That’s why it helps to be beautiful.) The idea is that one’s unexplored What-I-Could-Be-If-I-Cared is more glamorous (and more erotically alluring) than the inevitably less-than-cosmic achievement that one might produce if he/she actually tried.