It Was All A Dream

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. A common motif in stories, movies, and music, is to bring in a dream as foreshadowing for what will happen later.

Sometimes, it even drives the drama within the plot. This week we hear two stories in which dreams foreshadow and determine the main characters’ fate.

Music by:
Ben Murray-Smith
Joakim Karud

Sources Referenced:
A Dreamer’s Tale via
The Three Dreams story via DL Ashliman’s PittU site

Update: Wits About You is now The Project Book

Projectbook FINAL 7_31

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I am happy to announce a new chapter for this podcast. Wits About You will now be known as The Projectbook. The format and themes won’t change, it’s all working quite well. It’s the same podcast, with a new name and a clearer focus.

The Projectbook is based on the belief that we give ourselves better odds of winning when we approach life as a series of projects. And here’s why: we don’t need a home run to score, all we need is to get on base and take it from there.

It’s all a project, whether you want to write a book, run the marathon, or simply start on a career path that fulfills you.

Join me as I collect stories that teach us how to fail better, beat Resistance, and reap the benefits that come from completing a Dream Project. You can still find it on iTunes here.