Clever Is As Clever Does

Are geniuses born, or made? In this week’s episode we hear two ancient stories about brilliant youths, and we see both perspectives to this question. These two folktales also happen to be the genesis of two modern movie genres.

Music by:
Ben Murray-Smith

Sources Referenced:
The Three Princes of Serendip as told by Richard Boyle in Living Heritage
The Master Thief as told by Andrew Lang

Best Time To Build Your Audience

Be thankful that you don’t live in 1899.

Or in 1932 when Henry Ford was battling the Auto industry. Matter of fact, be thankful that you are a creator in no other time but TODAY. In this episode we bring in stories from Business, Music, and Health that help us figure out the ins and outs of building your consumer base.

Music by:
Ben Murray-Smith
Julian Avila

Sources Referenced:
Henry Ford Article in Forbes
Duncan Hines Biography
Chase Jarvis interviews Austin Kleon Why You Must Show Your Work
Whole Foods Gets Caught
List of Biggest Companies by Market Capitalization
FAMGA – Facebook Apple Microsoft Amazon Google

Finding Your Social Media Strategy to Build Influence

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With all the different platforms out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to Social Media. Jon Burkhart helps brands leverage social media to better connect with their audience. His approach fits nicely with the way freelancers and entrepreneurs should manage their social sharing.

In this episode we discuss questions like “What social media platforms should I be active on?” and “Will sharing a photo of my latte help or hurt my influence online?” He provides some first-hand stories that will help us finally settle on a plan of action for connecting with our tribes in a genuine way.

Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith

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