How to Handle Pressure w Tanner Gers

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We’ve all been there, we’ve all buckled under pressure, the same way leaders and athletes get martyred for. In this episode, Paralympian and professional speaker Tanner Gers walks us through his techniques for handling pressure, and how to perform at our peak levels. Tanner will soon be launching his podcast called Creative Success, so stay on the lookout for that.

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Intro Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith

TEDx Presentation: Pressure and Personal Growth

The video above is my talk at TEDx MillRiver back in late April. ┬áThe talk was inspired by a previous post of mine called “How to tell if an endeavor is right for you” relating to pressure-filled situations and knowing which ones will bear fruit. The TEDx event itself was a beaming success with 100+ attendees, great presenters with revolutionary ideas, and some great conversations being held during the intermissions amongst a diverse crowd of professionals.

If you’re interested in checking out the other presenters that day you can see all the talks labeled “TEDx Millriver” on the TEDx Youtube page. You can see another video of a previous presentation I gave here.