Seth Godin on the Advantages of Non-Traditional Learning

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Seth Godin joins us in this episode, and we learn from him why the current model of education is broken, and actionable steps to taking charge of our own learning as adults. Along the way we discover why we should be approaching our career as a series of projects, and what skills hold the most value in today’s world.

He also tells us some stories of his clashes with the educational system, the concept behind his intense altMBA program, and how Zig Ziglar impacted his life immensely. To listen on iTunes you can go here.

We are also joined briefly by three graduates of the altMBA program: Bradley Spitzer, Kaci Lambe, and Nikki Layton. They share some of their biggest takeaways from the time spent in the program.

Seth Godin is a big supporter of The Acumen Fund, a great initiative that aims to rid the world of poverty. I made a small donation, if you’d like to join in the giving, please go here.

Here’s a general rundown of the episode:

3:15 Seth talks about why he wrote my favorite of his books, The Dip
3:45 Why we underrate the value of being #1 at what you do
8:05 Why the smartest approach is to build a lifetime of projects, not a career
8:30 A story of how Seth learned that taking responsibility is the best way to create change
11:00 How traditional education is broken
12:00 Why Seth started the altMBA program
14:20 Kaci, Bradley, and Nikki share some experiences regarding the altMBA
19:30 The most valuable skills in today’s topsy-turvy world
20:30 Why you should take charge of the inner narrative you tell yourself, and how to do this
21:00 The impact Zig Ziglar had on Seth Godin

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How to Find your Tribe to Find Success with Jessica Hagy

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Jessica Hagy
Illustrator and Writer Jessica Hagy helps us decode the process of finding our tribe. Because if you’re an entrepreneur, or an artist, or simply a professional trying to leave your mark, your tribe is the canvas on which your masterpiece lives.

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